Why We Do What We Do

You have heard it in the newspapers.  You have heard it on TV.  Almost every day we receive reminders of the opioid crisis and the dismal incarceration statistics that are borne out of this crisis.  And sadly, over 65% of those who go to prison will return within a year or two because nothing has really changed for the good.  Most prisoners receive minimal assistance for their addictions, counseling for their wounds, or the vocational assistance that could help them make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families.

Liberty Ministries is committed to providing the resources, tools, and training that these men and women need to turn their life around.  Working inside the prisons and in our after-care residential facilities, our team of skilled chaplains, counselors and mentors engage these men and women in a variety of ways.  From addictions counseling and support groups, to vocational training, to spiritual development, to character-directed therapy, our programs invest into the lives of those struck in addiction and crime.

I have seen change happen!  Never believe that addicts can’t change.  But the change is not easy and the work sometimes lasts years, but the lives of those wanting to be free matter.  And we believe that we make our whole community better when the changes happen.

If you believe in what we are doing, please consider supporting our mission.  There are numerous ways to help.  From giving a tax-exempt financial donation, to volunteering time, to shopping or donating at Liberty Thrift you could play a role in changing lives and our communities.

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