Vivian’s Journey

Vivian was introduced to drugs at the early age of 12, but before that she witnessed her father’s addiction and was caught in the wake of his mess. She used the drugs to escape the abandonment and sadness and thought using would make life more enjoyable. Before long, she was caught in full-blown addiction where her day to day activities centered around her use of narcotics. This insatiable pattern left her with few positive opportunities; instead she turned to promiscuous activities and co-dependent relationships. Eventually Vivian ended up in jails, rehabs and institutions where she would be forced to get clean and hope that things would be different only to return to the same people, places and things. In the county jail, Vivian attended the many bible studies and Christ-centered recovery groups offered by Liberty Ministries and worked individually with Liberty’s chaplain and volunteers, peeling back the layers of hurt until she realized that nothing but Jesus could heal the pain of the past and transform her future. She participated with enthusiasm and passion to the point where her desire to know Jesus became infectious amongst the other inmates.

Vivian soon completed her sentence in the county jail and was released to a local recovery house where she had some structure and accountability. Though after some time, she reached out to Liberty’s chaplain to ask if there were any Christ-centered recovery groups in the area because the groups she attended discouraged her from using the name Jesus. She enjoyed incorporating her faith with her recovery.  Vivian would meet with Liberty’s chaplain regularly to work through her spiritual and recovery journey.

Today, Vivian is 20 months sober, living independently and encouraging others as they journey through their recovery and faith. She is attending a local church where she is working her way through their discipleship program before being baptized. Vivian also contacts Liberty to donate items and volunteer her time in any way she can. She maintains a full-time job and has been reconciling broken relationships from her past. She says that she can do ALL things through Christ who gives her strength! Recovery is possible with Jesus!