Fighting the Battle

My dear friend, you do not have to look very hard to see evidence of the current opioid epidemic that surrounds us, especially here in Pennsylvania where our state experienced the 4th most opioid related deaths in 2017. Whether in the news, on billboards, or news of friends losing loved ones, the news is everywhere. I fear that some of you may have had family members who have been caught in the vicious snare of opioid addiction. I remember as a young adult not too long ago I rarely heard of anyone using heroin. Sadly, those days are long gone.

Here at Liberty Ministries, working inside the state and county prison system and at Liberty House, nearly 95% of those we serve report some substance addiction and the large majority of those addicted to heroin or prescription opioids. And while we focus our mission on “prison ministry” we have had to become all too well acquainted with the many aspects of addiction that in part, fuel or nation’s recidivism problem.

But here is the good news: God provides a way out. Our team of chaplains, counselors and mentors are dedicated to the hard work of helping these men and women rebuild their lives with a firm foundation of faith in Christ at the center of all we do. Whether behind bars, at Liberty House or in the community, our goal is to help struggling men and women replace their dependence on drugs and alcohol with a dependence on God, the author of life! We have seen amazing growth and transformation happen. Every life is precious and you should know that we take this work very seriously.

Dear friend, we could not do this without the prayer and support of donors and friends like you. I count it a blessing to count on the support that you have provided. I ask that you continue to pray and give financially to the war we are waging for the lives we serve.

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